*Note: It is against NCSSM policy to provide students with official transcripts. If you need an official transcript, our office will have to mail it for you. If the package must be mailed together, you may bring your application package to Mrs. Oxendine in Royall 216 so that she can add the transcript and mail the entire package together. You still need to request the transcript on Naviance. In the notes section, you can let her know if our office needs to mail it.

Transcripts Requests for Scholarships, Summer Opportunities, Enrichment Programs, Etc.

  • Log into your Naviance account
  • Click on Colleges tab
  • Click on Colleges Home
  • Click on Manage Transcripts under Apply to Colleges
  • Click on red button with plus sign
  • Click on Other Transcript
  • Select initial transcript
  • Select appropriate category for the purpose of transcript
  • Type in deadline date
  • Type in the mailing address
  • Optional...under other notes, if you have further instructions for Mrs. Oxendine or your counselor, please indicate there.
  • Click on Request and Finish