Midyear Reports/Transcripts

Because NCSSM is on a trimester schedule, first trimester transcripts are considered mid-year transcripts. Mid-year reports are typically due in January/February, but we have the option of sending earlier.

What is a mid-year transcript?

A mid-year transcript is your current transcript (9th-first trimester of 12th grades). This transcript will only reflect final grades and a recalculated GPA which includes these final grades. If you are in a multi-trimester course, the first trimester grade will NOT be on the transcript. Instead, In Progress (IP) will be listed next to the course.

How do I know if I should request a mid-year?

  • If your college requests mid-years (check your Common Application requirements on your account; if the college does not use the Common Application, then check the admissions webpage for each college) Note: Mid-years are often not due until January which gives you time to wait and send the transcript later if you so choose.
  • If you applied early action or early decision, and you have not already sent your first trimester grades and you want them to be considered
  • If you applied early decision, and the college or university requested for your first trimester grades to be sent.

How to request a mid-year transcript:

  • Log into Naviance
  • Click on Colleges Tab
  • Click on Colleges I’m Applying To
  • Click Request Transcripts
  • Click Midyear
  • DO NOT Request additional materials such as SAT/ACT. We do not have access to send your scores. Please skip this part, but make sure you have requested your scores through either College Board or ACT.
  • Click on “where are you sending the transcript” and hit done when finished selecting the colleges to which to send
  • Click Done
  • Click Request and Finish
  • You can follow the status of your midyear request under “Manage Transcripts.”
  • Counseling Services will be uploading transcripts and sending them. As with all transcript requests, please allow 14 in-session, school days for processing. Also, keep in mind that colleges will need time to match and process your transcript with your application.