Applying for scholarships and financial aid can be rewarding, but it does take a lot of time, energy, and effort. So, take time each week to research and apply for scholarships of interest to you. By using the checklist, we hope you will find the money you need to attend the college of your choice. Remember, while this checklist is a great place to start, you should check with each college to which you are applying and make sure you fulfill the college and scholarship deadline requirements and complete additional applications for scholarships and financial aid!

How do I start?

  • Schedule time each week to work on scholarships. Select the day(s) and time(s) and put them on your calendar.
  • Create and update a personal spreadsheet with scholarship information:
  • Scholarship Name
  • Application Deadline
  • Requirements (Recs, Transcripts, etc.)
  • Progress Notes
  • Date Submitted

Where can I find scholarships?

Local Scholarships

  • Contact or visit your home high school about scholarship opportunities for which you are eligible even though you attend NCSSM.
  • Check your home high school website for local scholarship listings, if applicable.
  • Search the internet for scholarships in your home city/town.
  • Talk to family and friends and research companies and organizations in your home area to learn of local scholarships.

College Specific Scholarships

  • Check college websites for scholarship and financial aid information. Decide which scholarships to which you want to apply.
  • Submit scholarship applications, if required.
  • Some college scholarships require undergraduate admissions applications be submitted by a specific deadline. Be sure to submit your undergraduate application by this deadline to be considered.
  • Apply for college specific scholarships even if you are not completely sure you will apply to certain colleges.


  • Log in to Click the “Colleges” tab, and then scroll down to the bottom to search for scholarships.
  • Go through the Scholarship List, compiled by Ms. Hackney and your PCCs.
  • Try the Scholarship Match option to find scholarships, which only takes a few minutes.

State and National Searches

Nominated Scholarships

  • Check your emails from Lori Hackney and Elizabeth Peeples regarding nominated scholarship opportunities and contact/apply by the deadline date.