Jefferson Scholars -UVa

The University of Virginia has invited us to nominate one or two outstanding students from the Piedmont Triad and Charlotte regions for the Jefferson Scholarship. Jefferson Scholarships provide full tuition, fees, and a living stipend for four years of undergraduate study at U.Va., plus a number of generous enrichment benefits including a study abroad experience

Jefferson Scholars are chosen on merit. Financial need is not a consideration. Selection is based on demonstrated achievement as well as evidence of potential in three criteria:

  • uncommon academic abilities
  • exceptional leadership talents
  • an understanding of the broader community around them.

To be considered for endorsement (i.e., nomination) by the NCSSM Scholarship Nominating Committee, interested seniors must submit a printed hard copy of the following information to the Academic Programs Office - Watts 100 (off Watts Lobby) - no later than 12:00 noon on Tuesday, November 7, 2017:

  • Brief list of activities and honors most important to you--from 9th grade to the present--including any leadership role(s) taken. (200 word maximum)
  • Describe your top two academic passions and how you pursue these passions both in and out of the classroom. (300 word maximum)
  • Describe two examples of how your awareness and understanding of your community (school, local, global, etc.) has inspired you to take action. (300 word maximum)
  • Include any additional information you believe is important for the selection committee to have in evaluating your application, including reasons for your interest in the University of Virginia. (150 word maximum)

The Jefferson Scholarship relies entirely on school nomination and does not offer self-endorsement opportunities. It is, therefore, very important to present a strong case for your candidacy through the nomination process.

If you have questions regarding the scholarship or any aspect of the nomination process, please contact me in Academic Programs, or visit the Jefferson Scholarship website (

The deadline for submitting your application for the NCSSM nomination to the Academic Programs Office--Watts 100 (off Watts Lobby)--is 12:00 noon on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.