Faculty/Staff Instructions

Instructions for Submitting Teacher Recommendations in Naviance

You will find the Naviance tile on My NCSSM.

The school's account name is ncsciencemath.

Teacher Responsibilities

Upload a Letter of Recommendation

You can upload a letter of recommendation for a student from the Teacher’s Desk. To upload a letter of recommendation using the Teacher’s Desk follow these steps:

1. Click Manage and complete your college recommendations.

2. If the student has included a note, click the View link under Note column. (If no note is

present the column has N/A.)

3. Click Upload File under Action column.

4. Click the Upload button next to the request you wish to handle. The Application and Type

fields are pre-populated.

5. Choose Application from the drop-down menu.

6. Click Browse button to locate your letter of recommendation to upload.

7. Click Upload File.

Prepare the Common App Teacher Evaluation

If the student is applying via the Common App, a Common App Teacher Evaluation form needs to accompany the letter of recommendation.

To prepare a Common App Teacher Evaluation for a student, follow these steps:

1. Open the student folder.

2. Click the eDocs tab.

3. Click the Prepare tab.

4. Click the Add button to add to the Teacher Document table.

5. Click the Prepare a Form button.

6. Select the form type Common App Teacher Evaluation from the drop-down list.

7. Click Prepare Form.

8. Complete the form, then click Save.

Submit Documents to the College(s)

If you have the permission to submit documents to colleges via eDocs, you can submit the documents from the eDocs tab in the student folder.

Note: To be able to submit teacher documents to Common App destinations using eDocs, the Common App Teacher Evaluation form and the accompanying letter of recommendation must be authored by the same user.

To submit teacher documents via eDocs:

1. Open the student folders whose material you are sending.

2. Click the eDocs tab.

3. Navigate to the Send section.

4. Select the documents you would like to submit based on the college(s) on the student’s list.

5. Click Review and Confirm.

6. Click Submit.

Managing Teacher Documents

After preparing documents, they will appear in the Teacher Documents section in the table. If you need to view, replace, or delete a document, click the corresponding link in the Actions column of the table.

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