Career Interest Profiler

The Career Interest Profiler is an online career interest assessment on Naviance for students based on Holland's interest codes. When students complete the Career Interest Profiler in Naviance, their results will display their top Holland Code matches.

Facts about the Career Interest Profiler:

  • There are 30 questions for each Holland code (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional) for a total of 180 questions.

  • The highest score possible in each area that you can receive is 30.

  • The score received is based on the number of activities in each specific area that the student selected as an interest.

Students can access the Career Interest Profiler by logging into Family Connection and going to Careers > Career Interest Profiler or About Me > My Assessments

Once the students have a listing of careers best suited for them, they can add these careers to their Favorite Careers& Clusters list.

Click Career of Choice > a pop-up window will display additional information about the career >Click Add to my list >the career will appear in the student's Favorite Careers & Clusters list.