Transportation for Mental Health Appointments

Does NCSSM provide transportation to mental health appointments? If so, how does it work?

Student Life is happy to work with students and families to provide transportation for medical and counseling appointments as well as emergency services. Transportation is coordinated and provided by our on-duty Student Life staff. Students and families can contact the appropriate office to arrange transportation as needed, with at least 48 hours notice when possible. However, transports should be requested as far in advance as possible to increase the likelihood of the request being accommodated.

We can provide transports to appointments inside the Durham city limits and in the following situations: routine mental health providers; emergency dental, orthodontic, or vision consultations, e.g., athletic injury to the mouth, brackets or retainers coming loose, or sudden onset vision disturbance; pharmacy pick-up; emergency urgent care; physical therapy; sickness or specialist visits per the Clinic’s request; or drop-off or pick-up at the Amtrak or bus station.

Due to the volume of potential requests and our staffing ability, we cannot provide transports outside of the Durham city limits, including the airport; for physicals; or for routine check-up follow-up appointments, such as dermatology, dental, orthodontics, or vision. There may be times when your transportation request can not be accommodated due to high demand. In those instances, we ask that you contact your provider in an effort to reschedule. Parents and guardians are also welcome to transport their child to appointments or arrange for transportation at their discretion.

Counseling Services requests that you email your counselor to receive the transportation request form. It should be completed well in advance of your appointment(s). After receiving your submitted form, the availability of transportation will be assessed and you will receive an email confirmation or an email prompt for you to secure alternate transportation and/or reconnect with your provider to reschedule your appointment to a time in which transportation is available.

If your appointment time changes or is cancelled for any reason, please email Mrs. Oxendine at and copy your counselor as soon as possible. Additionally, if you do not receive an email confirmation or email prompt within 2 week days after submitting your request form or if you have any questions, please email Mrs. Oxendine and copy your counselor.

If a student is to be taken to Duke Hospital's Emergency Department, either by school vehicle or EMS, an NCSSM employee will accompany the student but a legal guardian or designee will need to relieve that employee as soon as possible as they can make the best decisions for their care.