Meeting with a Counselor

Your NCSSM counselor is available to meet with you between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. For after-hour emergencies, please contact the Community Coordinator on duty. Unless the issue is urgent, it is best to schedule an appointment with your counselor so that you are assured the counselor can meet with you. Most students will simply sign up for an appointment on their assigned counselor’s Google calendar. Students are encouraged to sign up for a time during a free block or after school to avoid conflict with class schedules. However, we realize this is not always possible. If students feel they need to see a counselor right away or are experiencing a crisis situation during normal business hours they may email the counselor or come directly to Counseling Services.

At other times, a concerned Community Coordinator, staff member, or parent may contact the counselor and ask that the student be seen. Sometimes, the referral source (parents or teachers) shares their concerns about a student with the counselor via phone or email, but does not share these concerns directly with the student. Whenever possible, it is highly recommended that concerns be shared with the student prior to the referral. That way, the student understands what some of the issues are prior to seeing the counselor and will feel that the process is not “secretive.” Sometimes it is not possible to share concerns with the student directly before being seen by the counselor or the referral source wants to remain anonymous. In such cases, the counselor will call the student in to discuss the concerns directly.