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Junior Meeting Prior College Fair, 9-10-18
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Meet Your 2018-2019 PCCs!

Front Row: Zoe West (Enrichment Opportunities), Maria Tawhid (Marketing), Kathy Nguyen (Mental Health) Middle Row: TJ Samojedny (Marketing), Cecilia Yu (College Representative) Dustin Humphries (Mental Health) Back Row: Mason Laney (Scholarships), Bryant Hou (College Representative), Daija Holliday (Cultural Connections) , Daniel Li (College Representative)

Learn how to:

  • Match your Common Application and Naviance accounts
  • Add colleges to which you are applying
  • Request transcripts
  • Request teacher recommendation letters


Wellness Kickoff Event

PCCs Introduce Juniors to Counseling Services


Interested in seeing what was taught in RE NCSSM to College? Find the presentations here: https://sites.google.com/a/ncssm.edu/counseling/college-planning/ncssm-to-college

Fly-In Programs

Interested in visiting colleges this fall? Find more information here: https://counseling.ncssm.edu/college-planning/multicultural-fly-in-programs

Supporting Students Family Workshop 2018