NCSSM Counseling Services

NCSSM Counseling Services is committed to creating an environment that celebrates the unique stories and voices of each member of our community, recognizing all dimensions of identity (e.g., ethnicity, culture, race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, physical and mental abilities, religious beliefs and socioeconomic background). Our approach to mental health and wellness integrates physical, emotional, academic, spiritual, social, and cultural well-being. We support students’ adjustment to the NCSSM community, individual personal growth, academic endeavors, and transition to college or other life pursuits.

NCSSM Counseling Services is also committed to being brave, bold, and intentional in our efforts to impact real and sustainable change. We will combat the acts of violence, hate, prejudice and discrimination against Black and Brown people and other marginalized groups. We are and will continue to be active participants in the change that must occur.

Connect with us!

Royall Center, 2nd Floor

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8:30 am - 8:00 pm

Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

919.416.2835 (phone)

919.416.1756 (fax)

How to seek support and connect with an NCSSM counselor:

  • Students are assigned alphabetically by last name to a CAP counselor.

  • Email your assigned CAP counselor, counseling intern, or evening counselor by clicking on their highlighted name below.

  • Schedule an appointment with your assigned CAP counselor, by clicking on their appointment calendar link below. If their calendar is full, schedule an appointment with one of the counseling interns or evening counselor.

  • While appointments are preferred, walk-ins who have time sensitive or urgent needs may be seen by the first available counselor.

Need to speak to someone after hours about an urgent mental health need?

  • See the Community Coordinator on duty at the Bryan desk or call 919.416.2825. If needed, they will connect you with an on-call therapist through ProtoCall.

  • Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

  • Text START to the Crisis Text Line 741-741

Interested in finding a therapist?

Click here to learn about NCSSM's referral resources.

Have barriers to accessing therapy?

Click here to learn about ways NCSSM may be able to support you in paying for therapy.

Meet the Staff of Durham's Residential Counseling Services

Lori Newnam


Royall 208

Pam Oxendine

Program Assistant

Royall 216

Gina Burger

Personal Counselor

Royall 213

Carissa Trotta

Personal Counselor

Academic Accessibility Specialist

Royall 211

Justine Davey

CAP Counselor

Royall 215

Appointment Calendar for the following students only:

Juniors: Lin - Rupp

Seniors: Lentz - Schudel

Scott Schwartz

CAP Counselor

Royall 209

Appointment Calendar for the following students only:

Juniors: Abdelbarr - Everly

Seniors: Abdulsalam - Elley

Janice Webster

CAP Counselor

Royall 214

Appointment Calendar for the following students only:

Juniors: Salvador - Zou

Seniors: Sellers - Zhu

Lamia Younes

CAP Counselor

Royall 212

Appointment Calendar for the following students only:

Juniors: Fakayode - Licardo

Seniors: Elliott - Lemnios

Calvin Craig

Part-time Evening Counselor

Royall 213

Appointment Calendar

Savannah Purdy

Counseling Intern - UNC-CH

Royall 217

Appointment Calendar

Counseling Personnel.pdf

Welcome to Counseling Services!

CAP (College, Academic, & Personal) Counselors - All NCSSM students are assigned to a CAP Counselor before they begin their junior year. Families and students can locate the name of their assigned counselor in Blackbaud. Counselors host introductory, small group meetings with their students at the beginning of every academic school year to introduce themselves and Counseling Services. CAP Counselors provide college and career planning, academic counseling, and personal counseling through individual, small and large group sessions.

Personal Counselors - If a counselor or student believes that a student needs additional mental health support, the student’s counselor can refer them to a NCSSM Personal Counselor. Personal Counselors provide support for chronic and more acute mental health needs. They also assist in coordinating referrals to outside mental health services. CAP Counselors can also make these referrals.

Peer Counseling Coordinators

PCCs help orient students to the services provided by counselors, assist students with information related to the college process, scholarships, financial aid, and enrichment opportunities, and coordinate initiatives related to diversity, equity and inclusion and mental health.

  • College Process - PCCs who are focused on college planning, college representative visits, scholarships, financial aid, and enrichment opportunities in order to provide this information to the student body.

  • Cultural Connections - PCCs who work to disseminate cultural information to the NCSSM community, serving as a liaison between the counseling office and 3CDC. They also serve as a liaison with campus groups that focus on appreciation for all cultures and create opportunities for cultural conversations to occur in an impactful and productive manner.

  • Mental Health and Wellness - PCCs who focus on mental health initiatives. They collaborate with the NCSSM Mental Health Committee and Counseling Services in an effort to promote well being, reduce stigma and share resources related to mental health, self-care, and awareness