Park Scholarship

North Carolina State has invited NCSSM to endorse ten outstanding seniors for the Park Scholarship. This comprehensive scholars program brings exceptional students to NC State based on their accomplishments and potential, preparing them for lifelong contributions to the campus, state, nation, and world. It provides a four-year award (valued at approximately $100,000 in-state) covering tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, travel and personal expenses, as well as a computer stipend, grants to fund professional and personal enrichment experiences, individual mentoring, leadership retreats, experiential learning opportunities, and civic engagement initiatives.

Park Scholars are chosen on merit, financial need is not a consideration; though candidates must be United States citizens. Selection is based on demonstrated achievement as well as evidence of future potential in four criteria:
  • Scholarship
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Character

  • Brief list of activities and honors most important to you--from 9th grade to the present--including any leadership role(s) taken. (200 word maximum)
  • Essay Prompt #1 - Critical and creative thinking are valuable skills in problem solving. Tell us about a time in which you used one or both of these to address a problem or need, in or out of the classroom. How did or might you apply what you learned from this experience in other situations? (500 word maximum)
  • Essay Prompt #2 - Describe a service experience to which you contributed that was meaningful to you. What did you do? What challenges did you encounter? What made this meaningful to you? How did you grow? (500 word maximum)
The Park Scholarship also invites Self-Endorsement for those students not selected for nomination by their school committee. Since NCSSM could reasonably endorse dozens more seniors for the Park each year, I urge you to consider that possibility after the Scholarship Nominating Committee has announced its decision at the end of September.

The Park Scholars program has been closely associated with NCSSM over its comparatively brief (20 year) existence, naming over 65 of our graduates Park Scholarship winners. T

If you have questions regarding the scholarship or any aspect of the nomination process, please contact Angela Teachey in Academic Programs or visit the Park Scholarship website (