Centennial Scholarship-NCSU

The North Carolina Textile Foundation has invited NCSSM to nominate two outstanding seniors—interested in the fields of engineering, business management, chemistry, polymer chemistry, forensics, medical fields, international studies, design, apparel, sourcing, fashion, merchandising, or retail management—for the Centennial Scholars Program in the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University. Centennial Scholars are selected on the basis of demonstrated high academic achievement throughout high school, proven and potential leadership, active participation in extracurricular activities, and unique life experiences.

The $60,000 Centennial Scholarship will cover approximately 70% of all regular in-state cost of attending North Carolina State. In addition, each scholar has access to an enrichment fund to support participation in a variety of leadership, language immersion and international studies programs, international textile shows and other textile enrichment opportunities. Please note, that any student who has at ended the summer S.T.E.P. program at the College of Textiles is automatically nominated for the Centennial Scholarship.

  • Brief list of your principal extracurricular and/or community activities—indicate major accomplishments and/or recognitions earned.
  • In a short essay (150 words maximum), identify a challenge or difficult situation you have experienced personally or academically and describe how you overcame it. Explain how the experience impacted you as an individual or student, as well as what you learned from it.
  • Provide a brief statement (150 words maximum) on your knowledge and views of the modern textile industry, and more specifically how it relates to your plans for a career.
Important: Any student may also self-nominate by contacting Kent Hester, Director of Student and Career Services, at the College of Textiles (kent_hester@ncsu.edu ) by mid-November for access to the on-line application. The deadline for completion of all student applications is December 1st.

For further information visit the N.C. State College of Textiles website (https://textiles.ncsu.edu/future-students/future-undergraduate/scholarships/) or contact Angela Teachey in the Academic Programs Office (Watts 114).