Morehead-Cain Scholarship-UNC-CH

The Morehead-Cain Foundation has invited NCSSM to nominate ten seniors in the class of 2018 for the Morehead-Cain Scholars Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Morehead-Cain award is a four-year merit scholarship that provides full tuition, student fees, housing, meals, books, supplies, and a laptop computer. It also includes a four-year Summer Enrichment Program in outdoor leadership, public service, inquiry and exploration, and private enterprise; as well as Discovery Funds to pursue further educational opportunities.

The Morehead-Cain Foundation seeks top high school students who are leaders in their school and community, rank near the top of their class academically, and exert positive and meaningful influence in non-academic areas. To be eligible for the scholarship, a candidate must show evidence of outstanding achievement in each of the four selection criteria:

  • Scholarship
  • Leadership 
  • Character
  • Physical Vigor
To be considered for nomination by the NCSSM Scholarship Nominating Committee, interested seniors must submit a printed hard copy of their online application for Morehead-Cain to the Academic Programs Office (Watts 100) no later than 12:00 noon Tuesday, September 5, upon your return from the Labor Day Extended Weekend.

To apply for NCSSM nomination:

  • Go to the Morehead-Cain website ( to fully review the opportunities provided by the program and the criteria for selection.
  • On the application page of the website, click on the APPLY button to create an account and start a new online application.
  • Carefully follow the instructions to complete the requested information and essay questions.
  • Save your work, yet DO NOT SUBMIT it; so you can return to alter, update, or improve your responses prior to submission by the October 15th deadline.
  • Important--enter Wanda Munn at e-mail address as your Counselor, since Academic Programs (not Counseling Services) will complete your required School Report and provide the necessary official transcripts. So do not enter your actual Counselor’s name--other than perhaps as Recommender--and do not request transcripts through Naviance.
  • Entering the name and contact information of your Recommender is optional at this point, as the NCSSM committee will not consider that recommendation in making its nomination decision.
  • Do not yet indicate whether you are a nominated or a direct applicant, as that is still to be determined.
  • Print a hard copy of your application as initially completed and take it to the Academic Programs Office (Watts 100)--off Watts Lobby--no later than 12:00 noon on Tuesday, September 5.
  • Finally, DO NOT SUBMIT your online application until you are able to include all the requested information and have proofread and improved your responses prior to the October 15 deadline.

Morehead-Cain also invites direct application by those North Carolina students not selected for nomination by their school committee. Since our school could reasonably nominate a hundred or more seniors for the Morehead-Cain award each year, please consider that possibility as well--but only after the NCSSM Scholarship Nominating Committee has announced its decision in mid-September.

Mark your calendar: Over the years, NCSSM and the Foundation have developed such a productive relationship, now with over 70 of our students being named Morehead-Cain Scholars, the Scholar Selections Officer, Ann Smith, will be on campus next Tuesday, August 29, at 7:00 pm in the ETC Lecture Hall, to answer your questions about the scholarship and encourage you to apply. This meeting is by no means required, but a nice opportunity to get some direct answers about what the Morehead-Cain program involves.

If you have further questions regarding the award or any aspect of the nomination process, contact me in Academic Programs (Watts 114) or consult the Morehead-Cain website (

The deadline for submitting your printed application for NCSSM nomination to the Academic Programs Office (Watts 100) is 12:00 noon, Tuesday, September 5, 2017.