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When to Take SAT/ACT

  • Check the SAT/ACT requirements and/or suggestions made by the schools to which you may apply.
  • Check the average SAT/ACT scores of admitted students for the schools to which you may apply.
  • Prepare for the SAT/ACT by using Test Prep in Naviance and Khan Academy.
  • As a junior, you may ​need to take the SAT and ACT once during your junior year, to see on which test you perform better.
  • Typically the spring of their junior year is a good time to take the SAT or ACT. (If you are satisfied with a score on the SAT or ACT, you may not need to take the other test.​) 
  • The great thing about NCSSM letting out in the last weekend in May is that students can take either or both tests in June. Then they will have all final exams and any AP exams completed and can turn their focus to those tests. 
  • As a junior, you may need to take Subject Tests to be ready for early applications during your senior year. If so, take the tests as near to the completion of the class of the Subject Test's content as possible. May or June are usually the best times.
  • As a senior, if you have taken the Subject Tests and are pleased with your Subject Tests scores, then you are fine.
  • As a senior, if you need to take the Subject Tests, then be sure to do so to meet your application deadlines.
  • As a senior, if you want better scores than those from your junior year tests, then register for the tests that you need, making sure to have a plan that meets your applications deadlines.
  •  If you think that you would like to test again, both the SAT/ACT will be offered again in August, another good time to take the tests after a summer full of preparation ;-) The SAT October test date is typically the last date colleges will accept if you are applying for Early Action or Early Decision.