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Fair Opportunity Project

We believe in human potential, opportunity, and the ability to succeed. Winning Forbes 30 under 30, we've sent our college application advice to over 57,000 public high schools in America to get students from every background the advice that is changing the face of college application forever. Get a Fair Opportunity.

The Problem

There are 471 students to every counselor in America's public high schools. College application knowledge varies dramatically by family and geography. Application books and resources surrounding the process are expensive while a third of all college applicants spend up to tens of thousands for private admissions consultants.

What We Do

We've created one of the highest-quality college application and financial aid guides that we are sending to every public high school in America--for free. We're getting students from every background and zip code a fair opportunity.

How We Do It

Fair Opportunity Project combines a team bridging tech, education, and consulting with one of best advising teams in the United States to create the best college application resources that scale. We aim to forever change who gets what information.

From A-Z, The Entire Application Process.

All in one place.